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Cash Boxes for Kids and Girls

Purple Single Ballet Cash Box
Ballet Cash Box
Pink Single Cheer Cash Box
Cheer Cash Box
Pink Single Princess Crown Cash Box
Ladybug Cash Box

Our cash boxes for kids appeals more to older children and teenagers than a personalized ceramic piggy bank does. While both personalized banks for kids offer a way to teach children about saving money, cash boxes are more versatile and can hold items other than coins, like letters, jewelry and cell phones. Here we have a collection of our purple and pink cash boxes which have become a favorite for girls. We hand paint on our piggy banks for kids the chosen design on the top right under the handle of our cash boxes for kids. On the side of the cash box you will find both combination and key locks to keep prying eyes out. What a great way to safeguard those valuables. Our personalized butterfly and flowers cash box is one of our favorites.